Spatial Data Management


The roots of IntellinQ are established by a company named Atlis. In 1997 the company was founded by Hans Hamming. The company offered software development services for Spatial Information Solutions and Project Management services.

Oracle database technology in combination with the Spatial extension (Oracle Spatial) was chosen as a core software development platform. Based on this technology software solutions were develloped for clients like Port of Rotterdam, Ministry of Public Works, Dutch Cadastre, Prorail, Landmark and the Ministry of Defense.

JAVA was chosen as the core development platform to visualise and distribute data to end-users. Several solutions were built using this platform in combination with Oracle Spatial. Examples are the Wabinfo project for the Ministry of Public Works, the Windfarm Manager for Ecofys and a visualization and workflow solution for the Ministry of Defense.

In addition Atlis supported organizations, mostly in the financial sector, to improve project management processes. Examples of clients are Rabobank, ING and ABN-AMRO. Oracle Primavera and CA Clarity project management solutions were implemented in several organizations by Atlis.  

Starting in 2005 a software solution for the Hydrographic market was developed. The software package included new concepts like a flexible data model and the automated, easy to configure, production of hydrographic information products. The initial name of the solution was Qarto. In 2009 the solution was renamed to SENS. Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland was the first client. Later the Norwegian Hydrographic Service and some parts the European Commission ( in the EMODNET project) followed.

In 2012 Hans Hamming unexpectedly passed away. This tragic event also resulted in the end of the Atlis company.      

The IntellinQ founders are all former Atlis employees. After working a period for other organizations the idea for a new innovative software platform emerged. New insights combined with the original concepts from the former Atlis' solution shape the foundation of a new company and an innovative product. 

March 2014 IntellinQ has formally started.