Spatial Data Management


Begin 2015 IntellinQ introduced GeolinQ, a brand new platform to link and process spatial data. The GeolinQ platform covers the full chain for spatial data management: store, manage, process and visualize big point clouds, rasters and huge collections of feature data. This object oriented platform can be fully configured by the end-user and is based on open standards.

IntellinQ aims on the international market of geographic data management. Primary markets are the water management market and the remote sensing market. These markets require solutions with a considerable high throughput and storage capabilities to meet the tendency of an exponential increasing supply of data. The GeolinQ platform satisfies the needs by the ability to process and store large amounts of point clouds, raster and vector data.

Since the beginning of 2016 IntellinQ provides solutions to the Dutch public authority to disclose and link the system of key registrations. In GeolinQ data of the BAG, the BRK, the WOZ and the NHR are linked to new datasets and are disclosed by OGC services. IntelinQ develops with Crotec C-SAM centraal for the Dutch local government where the data from the key registrations is linked as the RSGB.

In our field of expertise we are always looking for new opportunities to innovate and improve our spatial data management solutions. In addition to product innovation we strongly believe in innovation by partnering with other companies. There is strength in partnership.