Spatial Data Management

Spatial Data Management Solutions

IntellinQ offers data management solutions for spatial information services. Data management allows organizations to collect, to integrate and to distribute external datasources or datasource managed by the organization. In the IntellinQ approach the full data management chain from source to end-user is integrated and automated. The integrated management of spatial data provides suitable information services for the primary processes of the data-driven organization and adopts the requirements of the information services of the future.

Future information services rely on a network of linked datasources like Link Open Data (LOD) that are integrated to satisfy the end-user information needs. The integration of references and dependencies between datasources is a major concern in the management of the data chain.

GeolinQ, building block of the future.

IntellinQ provides the software platform GeolinQ to integrate the data management chain in order to deliver the information services for the organization. GeolinQ satisfies the requirements of the data-driven organization where end-users are allowed to import, manage, link and publish data by themselves. GeolinQ is designed to process large amounts of spatial data like point clouds, raster data en vector data with a surprising performance compared to traditional GIS solutions. GeolinQ allows the end-user to visualise spatial datasets with colour scales and styling rules. GeolinQ allows to link external datasources to datasets managed by the organization and discloses these datasets inside and outside the organization. The integration of internal and external datasources makes GeolinQ the building block of the future for providing information services to data-driven organizations.

Sector specific applications

Spatial data management has many applications varying from the hydrographic sector to the local government. The GeolinQ platform is a broad tool for spatial data management and can be applied in nearly every sector. The implementation and configuration of GeolinQ requires sometimes specific knowledge of the data models for a certain sector to satisfy the information needs. Therefore IntellinQ closely cooperates with partners to satisfy the customer needs by delivering sector specific applications and services. Our partners may implement GeolinQ or deliver applications that seamlessly integrate with the GeolinQ platform. Together with our partners we respond to sector specific developments and customer needs.