Spatial Data Management


IntellinQ builds partnerships with companies in order to offer market specific applications in various market segments. There is strength in partnership!


iASSET offers software to manage and maintain assets in the public space. Several grid operators use iASSET asset management software to maintain cables and pipelines. GeolinQ is linked to iASSET to allow grid operators to provide network data directly to the Dutch Cadastre in accordance with the WIBON regulations.


marXact offers RTK GNSS receivers to allow land surveyors determine locations with high precision. The seamless integration of the marXact receivers with GeolinQ offers land surveyor to measure or outline locations based on a planned design via a map screen. Measured locations are directly related to objects in existing designs.


Nieuwland offers GIS related services and WebGIS Publisher (WGP). Datasets in GeolinQ are easily published in the WGP viewer and shared with third parties. In addition Nieuwland supports IntellinQ in implementation and training services.


SevenCs offers software to render and produce nautical charts. The IntellinQ and SevenCs software is combined to an integrated solution. Bathymetric- and object data management is managed in GeolinQ and serves as an input to the SevenCs ENC-tools in order to produce nautical charts.