Spatial Data Management

Partnership 2Coolmonkeys and IntellinQ

2Coolmonkeys and IntellinQ and join forces to offer a total solution to their customers. By partnering together the full value chain from collection, managing and visualization of the geodata is offered including visualization and editing data using Web and Mobiele Apps.

Seamless datamanagement end-user app integration

IntellinQ is focused on collecting, integrating and distribution of spatial data.  For this the web-based GeolinQ solution is developed. A software product to link, manage, integrate and publish spatial data in an efficient and flexible way. The solutions covers the complete value chain from import to the distribution of data. Data from various sources –including key registrations- is linked by a flexible data model and is immediately available for visualization and publication.

2Coolmonkeys  is specialized on data acquisition and the visualization of information for mobile and desktop end-user apps.  For an optimal user experience apps make use of the available app platforms functionality.

The partnership offers solutions combine efficient and flexible data management with optimal user experience.