Spatial Data Management

IntellinQ, 3 year anniversary

IntellinQ is celebrating her third anniversary, time for a party! 

In a three year time we moved from a spatial data management concept to GeolinQ 1.2.0

Full of energy we started early 2014 with a number of innovative ideas and concepts to simplify data management and make in more efficient for enterprises. The core concepts were a method to manage point clouds, raster, feature and other data and make them available via services and a vision to make data models configurable.

These concepts were the base of the design of a product called: GeolinQ

A year later, early 2015, the first GeolinQ version was released. In this version the functionality to configure data models was available. Summer 2015 the first GeolinQ implementation was done. Last year a milestone was the release of the GeolinQ 1.0.0 production version.

Now on our third birthday we recently released GeolinQ 1.2.0. A solution were our initial ideas and concepts are now available as standard functionality offering a solution to organisations for effective data management.

In the next year we will improve and extend the GeolinQ further with functionality to simplify spatial data management and make it even more efficient.