Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ solutions

GeolinQ is a generic data management platform that enables organizations to configure custom applications. Applications consist of a configured data model and when required configured screens that are aligned to the end-users needs. A number of standard configurations is available to support commonly used GIS applications. Examples are the use of authentic registrations in the Netherlands and GNSS data acquisition. After import in GeolinQ a standard configuration is immediately available as an application. The standard configuration may be customized and extended to meet specific needs of end-users.


Available configurations are:

  • Authentic registrations: Import, combine and use of the authentic registrations in the Netherlands varying from cadastral- to chamber of commerce data.
  • Cables and Pipelines: Network operators are facilitated to supply cable and pipeline assets to the Cadaster and retrieve KLIC notifications compliant to the Dutch WIBON regulations. The delivered network and retrieved KLIC notifications are combined in a map.
  • GNSS: Measure and stake out reference points on location based on designs and planned works on an iPad or other mobile device. The interface with a GNSS receiver enables to measure and stake out reference points with a high accuracy.
  • Maintenance plan integration
  • Employee risk management

Custom applications

Custom applications can be made by configuration without the use of code or scripts. GeolinQ users are able to define applications to manage organization specific datasets, collect third party datasets and publish custom informationproducts to end-users using the web interface.

Get Started

More information about services and training offered by IntellinQ to work with GeolinQ can be found here .