Spatial Data Management

Collect and apply the Dutch registrations

There are 10 registrations in the Netherlands, each with its own national register. Every registration is regulated by law, which guarantees the quality of the data. Examples are the cadastral (BRK), addresses and real estate (BAG), property valuation (WOZ), large-scale topography (BGT) and the trade register (HR). Governments are obliged to use the registers in every work and decision-making process.

Virtually any governmental work processes, from the collection of Property Taxes (OZB) to the granting of permits, uses one or more registers in combination with additional data. In GeolinQ the various registrations can be collected and linked with additional data to generate information products for work processes.


Flevoland, SSO Syntrophos and other municipalities

The province of Flevoland, the municipal partnership Syntrophos and municipalities such as Waalwijk retrieve the basic registration from national facilities with GeolinQ and combine them to informationproducts. The information is always up to date and available to users in GeolinQ and often linked to other applications.

Buiten het gebruik van GeolinQ als Geomagazijn voor alle Basisregistraties wordt het platform ook ingezet voor beheer en presentatie van andere data.
Met GeolinQ kunnen wij zelfstandig data uit basisregistraties ophalen, combineren en naar wens gebruiken.

Collect authentic registrations

Each register has its own technical interface for retrieving data. GeolinQ offers various configurable interfaces to connect with the registers, examples are:

  • Link to the Dutch Cadastral Generic Data Services (GDS) to import BAG and BRK
  • Import GML files from PDOK to import BGT
  • Link to SOAP services to import HR
  • Link to REST services to query and collect BRK and BAG objects

Via these interfaces the registrations can be obtained from the registers and kept up to date.

Link registrations and additional data

Registrations and additional data can be linked to each other in GeolinQ by configuration. In addition to a link to a unique key of a registration links can also be made between, for example, addresses or geometries. Examples of linking registrations are:

  • Visualize the location of companies on the map by linking the BAG ID of the location from the HR with the accommodation object from the BAG
  • Visualize the property valuation, location and owner of properties by linking the data from the WOZ with the BAG and BRK

Information products for work processes

Based on the collected and linked registrations, information products can be configured for work processes. The information products can be made available to users in multiple forms, from maps, reports to web services and file export. The registrations can therefore be integrated into any work process with GeolinQ, thus complying with the mandatory use of the registrations.

Discover now how easily registrations can be applied with GeolinQ.

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