Spatial Data Management

GNSS measurements

A combination of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and RTK allows measurements with high precision location determination. GNSS receivers can be integrated with GeolinQ so land surveyors can measure or outline locations based on a planned design using a map on an iPad or other mobile device. The measurement process in GeolinQ is project based and the survey results are for each project real-time available.        

Measurements using GeolinQ

Land surveyors can measure locations in the field using an interactive map in combination with a GNSS receiver. GeolinQ supports the following measurement cases: 

  • Measure stand-alone locations
  • Measure objects related to an existing design
  • Create and measure new objects
  • Outline locations related to an existing design
  • Calculate a new location based on two existing locations

Project based measurements

In GeolinQ the measurement process is organized in projects. Land surveyors can work on multiple measurement projects simultaneously. The measurement results are immediately available and can be shared immediately with the clients.

A project includes:

Real-time available data

Measurement projects are centrally stored in GeolinQ so measurement results are immediately available for designers and clients. Interfaces based on WFS services can be configured in order  to link to design tools like Geostruct. Clients can view or download the survey results real-time for each project via a map in a client portal.         

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