Spatial Data Management


Newsitems concerning new developments about the GeolinQ platform for Spatial Data Management

IntellinQ at GeoBuzz 2024

1 April 2024 Meet IntellinQ at the GeoBuzz, Den Bosch from 25 to 26 November 2024. At our booth several GeolinQ applications are demonstrated. GeoBuzz is the biggest yearly GIS event in the Netherlands. GeoBuzz

IntellinQ at NEDS 2022

23 September 2022 Meet IntellinQ at NEDS 2022, Ahoy Rotterdam 17 November 2022. At our booth located in the innovation area GeolinQ applications to collect, process and apply spatial data are demonstrated. NEDS is the biggest yearly event in the Netherlands for defense- and security. NEDS 2022

Article Interview IntellinQ and province of Overijssel concerning BRO  

20 Juni 2022  De province of Overijssel delivered 70 miljoen measurements to the BRO. An interview, in Dutch, with the province of Overijssel and IntellinQ publiced today on the BRO website. Het article is also available here.

GeolinQ 1.8.0 available

January 28 2021 GeolinQ 1.8.0. offers new functionality to configure conditional en functional expressions in views and other new functionality GeolinQ 1.8.0 (Text in Dutch only)

Article Wayss und Freitag

November 11 2020 Wayss und Freytag gets Germany’s fiber optic networks up to speed thanks to marXact and IntellinQ Article

New GeolinQ training available

July 24 2020 We have recently developed a new GeolinQ training. The training contains of four modules and is offered on-premise and as well as online. Training

GeolinQ 1.7.11 is released

7 July 2020 In GeolinQ 1.7.11 processing of XML and GML files has is very fast with the introduction of batch processing. Compared to traditional processing files are imported, validated and stored up to 20 times faster. GeolinQ 1.7.11

GeolinQ as a Service as a free trial for local gouvernments

July 1 2020 A free trail GeolinQ as a Service environment is offered to local gouvernment Action

GeolinQ 1.7.0 is released

Febrauri 28 2020 GeolinQ 1.7.0 introduces REST services enabling the configuration of REST API's. Developers can export OAS compliant documentation of the configured REST API's. GeolinQ 1.7.0

GeolinQ 1.6.0 is released

November 19 2019 External filesystems and connect to REST interfaces with GeolinQ 1.6.0 GeolinQ 1.6.0

Partnership iASSET

October 3 2019 iASSET and IntellinQ made an announcement to make a seamless integration between the iASSET assetmanagement and GeolinQ related to cable and pipeline datasets. More information: iASSET

GeolinQ 1.5.0 is released

Juli 25 2019 GeolinQ version 1.5.0 offers functionality to configure application services. These services consist of one or more aplications screentypes. Example's are lists, menu's, forms and questionairs. GeolinQ 1.5.0

Waalwijk WIBON solution implemented

17 Juli 2019 Waalwijk is using GeolinQ to be compliant with the Dutch WIBON regulations concerning cables and pipeline information sharing. More information: WIBON Waalwijk

Partnership MarXact

30 April 2019 Marxact is the provider of the most universal, cost-efficient receiver on the market, making centimeter accurate positioning possible. The Marxact GNSS receiver can now be seamless integrated GeolinQ. Any dataset varying from road, cable, tree and cadastral data can be checked and optimized with live centimeter accurate data measured with the UNI-GR1.More information: MarXact integration

GeolinQ 1.4.1 is released

April 9 2018 In GeolinQ 1.4.1 added value of GeolinQ are further increased offering full integration of data styling in data management and easy sharing of data and maps. Style configuration in maps and services is now compliant to the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) of the OGC. Functionality is available to import, use, edit and export dataset SLD’s. With this GeolinQ is the first web-based solution with an integrated SLD editor. GeolinQ 1.4.1

Results end to end test authentic registration BHR-P theme

May 17 2017 As a technology provider IntellinQ is part the two consortia to evaluate a new data standard for soil boring regisrations in the Netherlands in an end to end test. Today the end results were presentated. More information, including the end-report are available via: End to end test

GeolinQ 1.3.1 is released

April 4 2017 GeolinQ 1.3.1 Introduces serveral enhancements including better WMS en WFS integration with WebGIS Publisher, visualization software of Nieuwland, a new IntellinQ partner. GeolinQ 1.3.1

Results end to end test authentic registration theme

February 14 2017 As a technology provider IntellinQ is part of one of the consortia to evaluate a new data standard for groundwater monitoring holes in the Netherlands in an end to end test. The groundwater monitoring holes (in Dutch ‘Grondwatermonitoringsputten’ (GMW)) are a data theme in the key register subservice data (in Dutch ‘Basisregistratie Ondergrond (BRO)). End results are now available Results End to end test

GeolinQ 1.2.0 is released

February 15 2017 GeolinQ 1.2.0 introduces Seamless Point Surface to combine point cloud and raster data sets, WSDL datasource and new GUI datasources GeolinQ 1.2.0

GeolinQ 1.0 is released

September 20 2016 GeolinQ 1.0 offers all functionality to the value chain from import to the distribution of data and deploy GeolinQ easily for organizations. Data from various sources is linked by data models and is immediately available for visualization and publication. GeolinQ 1.0